How Much Does It Cost To Get A Barrier-Free Shower?

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When you are dealing with mobility issues or must use a wheelchair to get around, simply taking a bath or shower can be the most challenging part of your day. One option for making bath time less stressful and more accommodating to your needs is to install a barrier-free shower. However, one of the first questions you may have is how much will it cost to do this particular renovation. Here's what you can expect to pay for barrier-free showers:

Equipment and Installation Costs

Many factors can affect the cost of your barrier-free shower, such as the size, materials used, and the amount of renovation the space needs. A prefabricated unit (one that's already built) can cost as little as $900 or as much as $3,000 depending on the model's size. If you need a base for the shower, you can expect to pay an additional $800 for it.

Custom barrier-free shower spaces, of course, are going to run you a little bit more because of the extra planning and work required to create a space that fits your needs and desires. In fact, it's best to think of the custom option as a minor bathroom renovation. At the low end, it will cost between $450 and $2,000 to install a shower, while higher-end materials and larger spaces may result in a $6,000 to $10,000 bill.

Of course, after changing up your shower you may want to overhaul other parts of your bathroom, so be sure to include the cost of other remodeling projects you want to do in your budget.

Possible Hidden Costs

Prefabricated barrier-free showers can typically be installed right on top of where your previous bath used to be because the base will usually be designed on a slant to funnel water to the drain. However, custom barrier-free showers that don't include a base of any kinds will require the contractor to make adjustments to the shower floor so that water naturally flows towards the drain rather than flood the bathroom. So you'll need to add that cost to your budget.

Other costs you'll need to factor in include safety bars, seating, towel bars, and other hardware required to make the shower safe and convenient for a mobility-challenged person to use. These items likely won't cost more than a few hundred dollars, but it's best to shop around at your local home improvement store or online to get an accurate idea of the pricing.

For more information about the costs associated with installing a barrier-free shower, or to make an appointment to get an estimate, contact a local contractor.

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